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Ιntroductions - Greetings - Presentations English speaking visitors, present yourself!

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Προεπιλογή Forum Rules and policy.

Acceptable Use Policy (Rules) of Greek Aquarist’ s Boards

The following rules were adopted to ensure the smooth conduct of discussions in the forum of Greek Aquarist’ s Boards. Your registration and participation in the forum of Greek Aquarist’s Boards means the complete acceptance of the following rules. Please check the individual sections of the forum on the possible existence of additional rules which apply in addition to these rules. General rules for the threads and posts:
· Do not use CAPITAL characters, neither to the title of the thread nor to the content. When you want to emphasize something use bold characters. Except that it is tiring for someone who reads the message with the capital letters, generally in internet «language» it means that you are shouting, so unnecessary and continuous use can lead to misunderstandings.
· When you open a new thread give a title which is associated with the content of your topic. The title of the thread should be a brief description of its contents, which helps to not mislead readers. If you find out that one thread is in the wrong section, please notify the moderator of that section to move the thread to the proper category.
· Before you open a new thread about a query of yours follow those simple rules:
· Use the search of the forum (may be what you are looking is already in a previous thread).
· Do not "demand" but ask politely with as the most clear way as possible. Remember that a clearer description save time for you and for others.
· Remember that other users of the forum are not obliged to reply you and there are not answers for everything.
· Check your message after uploading for oversights that may affect its meaning. Don’t make additional poststo change any detail you can use Edit to correct your post. You also have the ability to completely delete your post.
· When replying to a post it is no need to quote the entire previous post, but quote only the point that you want to answer.
· Posts of our members can of course express their personal views, but the participants are kindly requested to support their views as much as possible with arguments.
· Take care not to denigrate but to cite any arguments in low tones. Your complaints are heard beyond the limits of the forum and we should not give anyone the right to accuse us without reason.
· It is forbidden to swear or use words and phrases that offend other members.
· In various forums all members can express their personal views without the fear of censorship or ban but their views must not injure the religious beliefs of the interlocutor, and his familiar faces.
· If you copy some text or passage of text from another site or some other printed source, it is for the best to report and the origin of the text to end of it (create a link or write the source).
· This forum allows you to communicate with other members via private messaging (PM), so it is advisable to avoid personal answers and questions or discussions.

Participants agree not to place defamatory, offensive or other material that may violate the laws of the Greek state. It is strictly forbidden and any brake of this rule will result in closing and - or delete this topic and may prohibit access to the forum for this user (ban):
· Any posts about illegal software or methods circumvent software (crack, serial, key generator) and links to sites with such content.
· Advertising of any kind without the written consent of the administrator. Also spamming is prohibited (sending unwanted advertising or messages) either on public or private messages (pm).
· Messages, advertisements or promotions for disposal prohibited by applicable law property goods (including advertisements for products that infringe intellectual property laws as movies in DiVX, DVD-R, VCD and recorded performances of musical works into digital files mp3, wma, wav etc.)

Each user can optionally add a "signature" in each post published in the forum. The following applies to the signatures:

Signatures should not:
· Text Signatures: Do not exceed 4 lines of text (8 lines if you use it small font). Font sizes larger than 2 are not allowed. Blank lines are treated as completed. All characters to be contained should not exceed 2048.
· Images in signatures: If you put an image in your signature make sure that it won’t exceeds 20k in size and scale must be 100pixels height and 300pixels width.
· Signatures may contain links to your personal or your favorite website (site), but also to pages hosted on Greek Aquarist’s Board.
· Advertising commercial and non-commercial products or services, by placing links or banners in the signature is prohibited. In this case, the appropriate signatures will be removed immediately.
· The multiple repetitions of images is prohibited as well!

IP address is recorded and the establishment of multi usernames by the same user is not allowed. Any violators of the rule will be removed from your members and will be refused entry into the forum (ban). You agree that the administrator and moderators have the right to remove, transport, or to 'lock' comments in each area of the site, which, in their opinion, do not agree to these terms. Therefore, it is up to members to pay attention to the expressions, which may affect the personality of the participants in discussions on various categories of the forum. Any questions about blocking or deleting the message or theme will be presented with a personal message (PM) or e-mail to the responsible administrator or moderators instead of Thread (topic). Any similar thread will be locked immediately. A breach of conditions for the following consequences:
· The offender will be notified either by mail or by private message (pm) from a moderator. In case of serious (at the discretion of the administrator) breach will trigger a ban access to the forum.
· Moderators in all cases have the right to correct swear words, remove entirely the offensive or objectionable message or lock until further notice the thread (topic).

You also agree that all personal information and posts that you have entered are being stored in a database. The information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. The members of the Greek Aquarist’s Boards should not use any information regarding members of the forum, which is provided by the Greek Aquarist’s Boards or its own members. If the administration of the forum detects movement of "personal" information in a public forum, then has the right to delete these messages, and warn the offenders. Your email address that you entered can remain hidden from other members if you wish. You can specify preferences in your account, whether to appear in public or not. Remember: The access to this forum is no vested right. So we must use it with respect to the rules. If they are not acceptable by you, remember that no one forced you to join our forum.

Statement of Limitation of Liability of Greek Aquarist’s Boards
· Greek Aquarist’s Boards is an internet conversation place under the specific rules that listed above. Visitors and users of the services must comply with the rules for good behavior and decency and not to engage in illegal or unethical formalities. Greek Aquarist’s Boards in any case cannot be assumed that accepts or endorses in any way expressed in these forums personal ideas or perceptions.
· Visitors and users of the services retain the copyright to the views expressed in the posts.
· Members remain solely responsible for all operations of the account (user account), including the transmitted content into GAB.
· Greek Aquarist’s Boards and the owner does not assume any responsibility for positions taken by individuals or legal persons or for any misunderstanding or losses, direct, or indirectly, special, consequential or other damages or any kind on the part of the users.
· Greek Aquarist’s Board and the owner is not responsible in any way for the validity and accuracy of the information crisis, commentaries contained in members messages and actions that will result in messages or advice given by messages in the forum members.
· Therefore, members and visitors of Greek Aquarist’s Boards, using the services on their own initiative, take responsibility and cross the information provided with the sources.
· Greek Aquarist’s Boards and the owner is not responsible for the content of external sites to which we cannot control their content and no responsibility for messages that infringe copyrights of third parties or copyrighted materials. Every effort not to create such messages. However, if publication of such advertising, if you hold the rights please contact us at to retire immediately!

Thank you for participating in the forum of Greek Aquarist’s Boards Forum Rules. Registration to this forum is free! We insist on compliance with laws and policies which are detailed below. If you agree with the terms, please click the "Agree" and then press "Register". If you wish to unsubscribe, click here to return to the index of the forums. Although managers and the moderators will attempt to remove all spam from this forum, it is impossible to read all messages. All messages express the views of the authors and the owners of Greek Aquarist’s Boards, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (Developers of vBulletin) can be held responsible for the content of any message. By agreeing to these rules, provide the assurance that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit content, offensive, insulting or that would violate the law. The owners of GAB reserve the right to remove, create, move or close any topic messages for any reason.
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