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zorans83 22-04-11 21:46

Striping cichlids of their young
Hey guys.Didn't know where to put this video since this is the only place for english talking members I'm pouting it here.Apologies to moderators if this causes a mess and thanks for understanding
This is a video I found accidently while I was looking through my pictures and videos for something else.The video was taken a long time I cant remember exactly when but the quality of it seams to remind me of the 90'ties :) ha ha
this is how I take the young ones out.I also use a syringe from time to time.It's not really related to the fish or anything, I choose the method by random :)

kwstas_original 23-04-11 11:10

Looking good bro!!:)
Anything more recently?:D

zorans83 23-04-11 12:35

Hey there moster fish keeper :grin:
These are some old videos I found from some time ago.I got a little bored with documentation with time I don't have anything fresh right now but I promise to make some new videos as soon as I find some time to do so.
Heres another short one of some of the babies :)
Darn.. this you tube takes forever to upload :)

Tolis 23-04-11 18:12

I am sorry, but GAB is against the method of striping, the link is removed.

zorans83 23-04-11 19:25

I didn't know so I removed the link while I still had the edit option

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